Stu, 27 years old, slick haired, semi chubby bearded, chap from Manchester, UK. taken & happy :)

Beards, food, clothes, motorcycles, tattoos, coffee & cigarettes, frank Sinatra/Johnny cash. Biffy Clyro, horror movies, reading, taxidermy/osteology/entomology/natural history, oddities/curiosities, comics/graphic novels.
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    Season 1 - Murder House

    1. Pilot
    2. Home Invasion
    3. Murder House
    4. Halloween (Part 1)
    5. Halloween (Part 2)
    6. Piggy Piggy
    7. Open House
    8. Rubber Man
    9. Spooky Little Girl
    10. Smoldering Children
    11. Birth
    12. Afterbirth

    Season 2 - Asylum

    1. Welcome To Briarcliff
    2. Tricks And Treats
    3. Nor’easter
    4. I Am Anne Frank (Part 1)
    5. I Am Anne Frank (Part 2)
    6. The Origins of Monstrosity
    7. Dark Cousin
    8. Unholy Night
    9. The Coat Hanger
    10. The Name Change
    11. Split Milk
    12. Continuum
    13. Madness Ends

    Season 3 - Coven

    1. Bitchcraft
    2. Boy Parts
    3. The Replacements
    4. Fearful Pranks Ensue
    5. Burn, Witch. Burn!
    6. The Axeman Cometh
    7. The Dead
    8. The Sacred Taking
    9. Head
    10. The Magical Delights of Stevie
    11. Protect the Coven
    12. Go to Hell
    13. The Seven Wonders

    Season 4 - Freak Show

    1. Monsters Among Us
    2. Massacres and Matinees

    Ah this is a great TV so darn intense man

    If you have trouble finding a movie like or TV show link then watch this video I made! If the video did not solve your problem then send me a message I will do my best :D I receive masterpost requests so yeah message me

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    god bless you <3

    Thank you, you beautiful beautiful soul ❤️

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  • Favorite FilmsFull Metal Jacket (1987)

    You write ‘born to kill’ on your helmet, and you wear a peace button. What’s that supposed to be, some kind of sick joke?

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    Han Solo, Captain of Sarcasm the Millennium Falcon.

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    New American Psycho prints.. 2 versions to choose from :)

    I want dis 😩

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  • they rode him out of town on a rail | felton, ca by (elmofoto)

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    Executed so smoothly.


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    And you’ll never have one.

    Totes reblogging for emphasis on that last line.

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